Consular Services Provided to the Nepalese Nationals



Documents Needed

Fee in cash

Processing Time





Passport (renewal/
issuance of new pp in place of old one)

1. Old Passport

2. Photocopy of the photo page of the old passport

3.  Four passport size identical photographs.

4. Two copies of filled up passport application forms.

NIS. 400

Within 2 workdays

A new passport can
be obtained if the old passport is expired or damaged.

Two photographs should be affixed on the passport



Passport in place
of lost one

1. Original
Citizenship certificate

2. Photocopy of the citizen ship certificate

2. Photocopy of the lost passport 



4. Police report about the lost passport

5. Two copies of filled up passport application forms.

6. Four passport size identical photographs.

NIS. 400

If original
citizenship certificate is submitted, within two workdays.

In case a passport
is lost, the Embassy shall issue a new passport in lieu of the old
passport only after properly verifying that the person concerned is
a Nepali citizen. The Embassy may write to the passport issuing
agency/ office concerned in Nepal. Sooner the Embassy receives the
response, earlier the Embassy decides on the case.

The police report should clearly mention the Name of
the applicant and his/her passport number in English



Attestation of

1. The original
translated copy of the document.

2. One photocopy of the document.

3. One application form filled up and signed by the

4. Original Passport

NIS. 100 (per

On the same day.

Such documents
should be attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Kathmandu.



Power of Attorney

1. Power of
attorney in Nepali paper prepared by  an advocate  in Nepal.

1.One copy each of attested citizenship certificates
of both parties.

2.  Photographs of both parties should be affixed on
the power of attorney.

3. Additional photographs each of both the parties.

NIS. 200

The document needs
to be signed by the Ambassador. Hence, applicants should first
prepare all necessary documents and fix an appointment with the
ambassador in advance.

In case of power of
attorney for  selling or transferring the ownership of land, the
land ownership certificate, or lal purja should be

In case of power of attorney for representing the
applicant in a Nepali court for an on going case, an evidence of the
registration of the case in the court needs to be submitted.



Israeli Police

Applicants should
directly apply to the Israeli Police Stations for a police report,
and for the delivery address of the police report they can give the
postal address of the Embassy.



After a few weeks,
or as advised by the police station concerned, applicants may
inquire the Embassy whether their police report has arrived at the
Embassy or not and collect the documents accordingly.



Application for
Assistance in Labour or Immigration related Problems

Applicants may
record their problem by telephone call at the Embassy, or submit
their problem in writing and submit by fax or email to the Embassy


Depending upon the
seriousness of the case and practicality, the Embassy tries to
extend possible assistance that include counselling and

For the sake of
efficiency and effectiveness the applicants are advised to submit
their application in the prescribed format and attach all available
and relevant documentary evidence.

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